Life Is Strange Episode 3- Chaos Theory | Game Review

If a game existed that could keep me on the feels train throughout, that'd be hella difficult to deal with. Oh wait it does. This one. I've finally recovered enough to write a review on it. It's only taken me a week. The first two episodes were pretty tame compared to this one, and Chaos Theory leaves a lasting imprint on you, which you'd definitely never expect from a game like this.
Episode 3 provided the first insight into the effects your powers were having on time and the consequences of these. Everything you do seems so small and insignificant, until you see later on exactly what impact thats had on people or things. Like my beloved houseplant in Max's bedroom which you could water while you were in there, as I did in the first two episodes. Then I came to water it again, and it was freaking dead. Not only did I have to deal with the fact my plant had died from 'overwatering', I also had to recover from that goddamn finale in episode 2. All a bit emotional to say the least.

What it does do is give you the freedom to make the most of Max's time-reversal powers unlike in the previous 2 where she was just getting the hang of them, as are you. It's no longer a gimmick, its a real showing of what Max can achieve with these powers. She is also given plenty of time to monologue so you can truly see how much episode 2 had a lasting effect on her. Max's and Chloe's relationship also comes on leaps and bounds through the events of the episode. Although Chloe still won't stop saying hella.
The humanity of the game has finally made me excuse the pretty dreadful lip syncing with the voices, and the mediocre performances with some of the characters. Harnessing Max's abilities, she can travel even further back in time, but the butterfly effect of all these actions, big and small, are finally coming back to haunt her. It leaves her feeling more lost and confused than she already was considering she's only just discovered her powers in 3 days, and is trying to stop her hometown from reaching the impending doom heading towards it. Typical teenage life I guess.

Even though there are less moral choices than episodes 1 and 2, you soon feel the impact of any choice you make throughout the episode. And with each episode, comes more mysteries, and with more mysteries, comes more revelations. They're just getting better and better with each decision you encounter. 
The ending is one of the most plot-twisting and yes it made me cry, hard. And I promise you this, I've never cried at a game before these 2 hours of pure brilliance. It'll be captivating to see how Max deals with all that occurs in the next episode. The emotional pull of Life Is Strange on all the heartstrings is unparalleled to any other game of its episodic kind.

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