Driveclub PS+ Edition | "Game" Review

So Sony have been working for a few months on this awesome racing game with a bunch of racing cars EXCLUSIVE for PS+ users. You spend that £35 quid at the start of your year subscription. Maybe for this. Maybe for the bunch of games you get free every month. 

But Driveclub really takes the biscuit. In a slew of so-called "server problems" this was delayed from the initial release date last October. And last week. Finally, you could download Driveclub PS+ edition, for FREE. Or not free.

Nothing fun in this 'racing' game is free. You can't do anything fun. As soon as you touch another car or tickle a barrier with your perfectly rendered car, you get penalised. This isn't a game. If you wanna get penalised for driving a flashy car with no turning radius, you'd buy your own car, and scrape your shiny new keys down the side of your car in a phallic shape and pay to fix your mistakes. It's infinitely better than forking out the £30 or whatever  kind of paper they try and fool you into paying for this "game". 

Every game mode that isn't a time trial or a race can't be accessed without upgrading to the "full" game. Every car you unlock, you can't use unless you spend £30 more to get the full game. You can unlock each mode individually if you fancy it, if you're a sucker. Just don't bother.

Buy The Crew or whatever. Don't fall for this "game" in massive fluffin' quotation marks. It doesn't even look that pretty.

Screw this game.

(Okay, it's kinda pretty.)

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