Ubisoft Press Conference | E3 Round-up

Tom Clancy etc.
Ubisoft may as well be called Tom Clancysoft with a grand total of 3 Clancy game's being previewed once again. With Rainbow Six Siege, a Ghost Recon and the much anticipated The Division. It probably would've been less of a Clancyfest if The Division hadn't have been delayed on numerous occasions, but it looks like its all gonna be worth it.

Just Dance 2016
Accompanied by none other than Jason Derulo with some shameful crooning, there's yet another of these mindless dancing games with even more new songs! Also announced with it is that you can use your smartphone rather than a controller to dance which is pretty handy since everyone has iPhones or whatnot but not everyone can have a controller. So yeah, pull this out at your parties for no-one to turn up again!

For Honor
As a samurai, viking or knight, you’ll run around battlefields attempting to gain control of key areas, fighting human opponents as well as hacking and slashing your way through AI warriors. From the gameplay trailer, its not like any another close-contact melee from Ubisoft, but it looks as though their combat system is a lot more intricate than meets the eye... It's nice to have something a bit different to the usual games Ubisoft churns out.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate
Finally, a Victorian London Assassin's Creed. Oh and you can play as a female? Not so difficult to animate now, huh Ubisoft? Way to put that behind you. Seriously though, after last years host of trailers after trailers, it was nice for not too much to be revealed with just a cinematic trailer. It was a real problem with Unity that there was a new trailer every other week or so, and for the final product to not reach the level anticipated. Hopefully they've learnt their lesson.

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