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On PS+ monthly free games for July, we get this little beauty. Rocket League. Full of cars, rockets, stunts and throwing controllers. In a nice way though, because this game is the most fun you'll have in tiny 5 minute chunks. 

The basis is that you control a little Micro-Machineesque remote control car. But with jet rockets attached to your behind. Then there's about 7 other of you. And you try and get a ball into a net. So it's like a fun FIFA. For non-sports fans, don't be deterred because Rocket League has more to offer than just looking like a sports game.

Pitting yourself against a team of 1-4, you face a bunch of different challenges with number 1, actually finding the ball. Then mastering the stunts and actually hitting the ball in any way. And eventually you'll be surprised that you scored. The physics are pretty mental too. There's also a surprising amount of strategy behind it which most people shirk so stay sharp and you'll probably win every other few games.
For some reason at the end of every game or so, you unlock some customisable cosmetics for your cars. These range from car bodies to little flags for the back of your car. They're a nice touch, but it would be nice if they had some kind of ability behind each thing you unlock.
Rocket League servers are a real let down at the moment. They have announced on Twitter that they'll give players a free car to apologise. But for the first week since its been out, it would've been good to see some improvement with the 150,000+ players its lured in with its shiny rockets. Hopefully the issues will be ironed out in the next couple of weeks for a more enjoyable explodey experience.

Rocket League is a game which is designed for you to be rubbish at. But everyone else is in the same boat so it's actually fun.

Rocket League is available for free on PS+ until 5th August

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