All Time Low & You Me At Six, Birmingham Genting Arena, 10/02/2015 | Gig Review

When it comes to pop-punk co-headline tours it doesn't come much bigger than this. All the way from Baltimore, Maryland the US giants All Time Low are sharing the limelight with our very own success story You Me At Six. And let me tell you from the get go it was a marriage made in Heaven.

Entering to a cinematic backdrop of a rather serious looking movie trailer, All Time Low take the stage without a moment's hesitation. From that second onward the energy they create in this arena doesn't falter for the entirety of their set. Whether it's Jack climbing over the speakers to Alex bringing on members of the audience to come sing Time Bomb, there was no lull in attention or excitement from both the band and the crowd.

Tracks such as A Love Like War really filled the arena, with the riffs practically tearing through the amps. However their older material such as Weightless and Lost In Stereo is where the band were truly in their element. Proving instant crowd pleasers All Time Low almost appeared overwhelmed by the response of the fans. But it did little to rattle them as they ran riot onstage belting out each lyric with earnest.

As always Alex's solo performance of Therapy had the arena in the palm of his hand. Without any prompting the venue fills with lights from mobile's and lighters alike and it made the song feel just that bit more intimate. Vocally every note is hit without faltering yet the way he can connect with so many people with just an acoustic is incredible. Unfortunately after 15 songs All Time Low must call it a night, but what a way to kick off this co-headline.

After the numerous bra's have been cleared from the stage it was then time for You Me At Six to respond to the gauntlet that All Time Low had just thrown down. By the look in their eye as they walked on to the sound of Room To Breathe, they looked ready to put this show into overdrive. The snarling guitars instantly bring a more mature and authoritative feel to the evening in comparison to their US counterparts. Not to mention the sheer arsenal of fireworks and air canons that explodes before them surely shows that they are ready to impress the masses.

Before long however it becomes evident lead singer Josh seemed a little less energetic than his usual self. All becomes clear as he announces that the whole tour was almost cancelled due to his broken ankle. Yet despite this injury he doesn't let it hold him back. He stomps across the stage with just as much intent and hunger as the rest of the band. His vocals at times do feel slightly quieter than the songs demand. 

Tracks such as Stay With Me don't quite have enough power at times to really wow the crowd. Although when Underdog and Loverboy blast into the arena, that's where Josh's vocals really come into their own. Set against the backdrop of intense rhythms and roaring riffs Josh expertly traverses the songs with unrivalled confidence.

Even the stripped back parts of the set such as Crash do little to slow these guys down as the fans are practically entranced by their every move. When Josh proudly exclaims "These are the nights you're going to remember for the rest of your life" I quickly take a second to look around me. Surrounded by this vast crowd of like-minded people as a shower of golden confetti falls over us, it certainly presents a moment that's going to be hard to forget.


Photo credit belongs to: Adam Elmakias and Giles Smith.

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