Wolf Alice- My Love Is Cool | Album Review

With one of the slowest builds in music since Azealia Banks, Wolf Alice have finally released a full album. The journey they've been on since their debut single back in 2013, Fluffy, is incredible. Mainly because they've gone from folk-tinged pop to indie rock in the space of two years, which is quite the transformation. But, it pays off. And they manage to set themselves apart from the highly-saturated indie rock market with some unique charm and personality to boot.

Having so much build up to an album can have its highs and lows. Trying to fine tune a direct sound has come at a price with My Love Is Cool. Throughout the album, there's a not really a bad song. No rock anthems though. Which you'd expect from any renowned indie rock band in this day and age. Whether this adds to their charm is in the ears of the beholder. It just seems they try and cover too many different sounds and tones across the 12 song album, without any killer tracks other than the couple of singles that were released within the past few months. 

Their reworking of one of their earlier tracks, Bros, helped improve it dramatically along with their deviation from folk. Wolf Alice have definitely unlocked their potential with their indie rock vibe. Ellie Roswell's capability to go from the softest of voices to full-on screechy temper tantrums is the core of Wolf Alice and their first album. Swallowtail, with the drummer Joel Amery's vocals, provides a more sombre feel halfway through the album, and shows off yet another dimension to the band. Giant Peach, the first single off My Love Is Cool, showcases Wolf Alice in a nutshell. Or peach pit.

My Love Is Cool shows off Wolf Alice's multiple talents. All it needed was discipline, rather than the mismatch of sounds they delivered. 

Standout tracks: Giant Peach & Your Loves Whore

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