Far Cry Memories

Ubisoft announced that Far Cry 4 will be set in the Himalayan region and you can ride elephants (eeeeeeeeee.) Bit of a change of scenery from what Far Cry players are used to. Far Cry 3 was definitely the best of the three, so here’s a rundown of my particular favourite moments.

Shooting the shit out of a shark
In Far Cry you always have to be mindful of your surroundings. Particularly in the water where there’s always the risk of being ambushed by a shark or crocodile. I was always very mindful of the sharks in my first few hours of gameplay because if they got me, I was a goner. I eventually took to scoping out the water before taking the plunge, and machine-gunning them until they were fish food. And swimming really fast once I got in, just in case I pissed off their friends.

Taking Flight
There was always something therapeutic about gliding across the island with the wingsuit, long as I didn’t press the wrong button and plummet my poor character to his death instead (which happened more times than I’d like to admit.) Using the hang glider was pretty handy too, until I take a wrong turn and end up in shark-infested waters. Oops.
Animal Ally
Infiltrating the outposts scattered around the island was always very tactical and challenging. After planning my attack I just had to gather the balls to strike. That is unless a tiger beats me to it. Always very convenient when they massacred all the guards before I did (or didn’t), apart from when the tiger spots me and adds poor old me to the hit list.

Burning down a drug farm
With Skrillex and Damien Marley ‘Make it Bun Dem’ playing in the background, it was the perfect music to accompany burning down a weed farm. Finally getting the flamethrower was definitely one of the best parts of the game. Since I got to destroy a bunch of shit.

Getting Inked
As I progressed through the game, I got upgrades while I went about my adventure. But with these upgrades, Jason got tattoos. Seeing the tattoo sleeve slowly getting more tattoos was refreshing to see just how much progress I’d made.

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